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How To make Your own Natural Face Primer At home For oily Skin

How To make Your own Natural Face Primer At home For oily Skin

One important advantage of Natural Primers is that it lasts longer on the face than synthetic ones....YesThe truth is, though, I do want makeup and I am definitely trying to get up on that primer game, just without the pricey tag and chemicals. I'm just looking to seal in my makeup and make it last as long as possible. I don't want anything fancy. As long as my primer is all natural and effective, I'm happy.
Which is why I got busy in the lab — erm, kitchen — to develop a primer that was cheap, effective, and au naturale. Here is a natural DIY primer recipe for those times where I've just got to powder my face in the morning.

What You Need:

  • 1/3 cup of aloe vera
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Mineral powder

How To Make Your DIY Primer

First, peel the leaf from your aloe vera carefully (you don't want to lose all the juicy goodness) and place the contents in a bowl. Aloe is an excellent beauty ingredient because it's high in water and vitamin E.
Next, melt down extra virgin coconut oil in a microwave or on the stove top. Before showering or washing my hair, I take my coconut oil out of the fridge to allow it to start liquefying. I mean, what's the point in buying raw unprocessed coconut oil if I'm just going to nuke it in the microwave? You decide what works best for you and add your coconut oil to your aloe.
Recently, I've gotten into using a tinted primer, so add in your powdered foundation of choice and whisk your mix until you have an even consistency.
This recipe works best if the coconut is slightly thick (not completely melted, but easily spread) in order to create a nice consistency. Also, make sure you mash all the aloe so you keep your primer smooth. Apply after your moisturizer, let it dry, and then go to town on your makeup — it'll go on easier, and blend like a dream.  That is it!!! Enjoy your homemade primer and save some money!!
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