Tips on how to enhance your natural beauty without make-up

Anyone can have beautiful skin, all it really takes is a little dedication to a skin care routine designed to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. It won’t take hours at the sink or pricey products, simply work a few beautiful skin tips into your regular skin care routine to help enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

Start your day with a fresh face;

One way to ensure the look of beautiful skin is to start your day with clean skin. Sweat and oil can build up on your skin’s surface and transfer from your hair or sheets to your skin overnight. So, it’s important to clear all of that away in the morning before applying any skin care products or makeup to better let your natural beauty shine through. There are many ways to cleanse your skin, so try to not limit yourself.

Refine your skin’s surface;

Dead skin cells can pile up on your skin’s surface. This build up can make skin look dull and feel dry. Dead skin cells on your skin’s surface can also mix with sweat, dirt and oils, which can clog your pores and contribute to the development of some future breakouts. Look for ways to refine your skin’s surface and slough away dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation can help, try a mechanical exfoliating method if you have oily skin or a chemical exfoliating method if you have normal, dry or oily skin. 

You could also apply a clay mask, like Pure Clay Mask + Red Algae, two to three times a week to help further refine your skin’s surface and pamper yourself at the same time.

Hydrate your skin and maintain moisture;

Skin that is not properly hydrated can look dull and lackluster. Encourage glowing skin by moisturizing regularly after cleansing. Try lightweight serums and face creams if you have oily skin and look for nourishing formulas that have hyaluronic acid if you have dry skin.

Always remove makeup before bed;

Going to bed with makeup on is one of the worst things to do to your skin. Day-old makeup can mix with oil and sweat while you sleep, this can clog your pores. Makeup can also mix with dead skin cells and cause dry or dull skin to appear even more so once you wake up in the morning. Take the time to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin before bed.

Spend a day or two with no makeup;

Makeup provides a great way to boost your confidence and enhance your skin’s natural beauty, but sometimes it can be beneficial for your skin to take a break from foundation, blush and bronzer. Designate one or two days a week to face the world with a fresh face. While it may take some adjusting, there are plenty of ways to enhance your natural beauty without makeup. 

If you follow the above tips for a few weeks you may find that you are more ready and happy to do so than you’d think.

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