4 African Ethnic Beauty Tips

Even though western and modern makeup tips have taken over the trend, we cannot undermine the  glamour and class associated with Ethnic Beauty Tips. Ethnic beauty Tips brings to the woman an expression of her power to allure, ethnic beauty tips is like an expression of art on the woman. Ethnic  beauty tips have been in use for as far as the Egyptian civilization. In fact, at a time we could tell which ethnicity a person belongs to by their style of makeup.

How adorable and glamorous women looked during those years, the strong historic significance left behind by most ancient Queens that was portrayed in their statue are being idealized as the model for some modern needs. We saw how Beyonce channeled ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in her shootings. We saw how current female artistes go back in the age with their costumes.

Nigerian female singers such as Aramide and Yemi Alade are known to try to portray a style of ethnic costume type in some of their videos. There are probably millions of things to be said about ethnic beauty tips so lets go straight to listing these 4 useful ethnic beauty tips that can do you a lot of good with current trends.

1. Waist Bead 

Most women do not understand the strong attraction power attached to a bead tied around the curvy waist. Waist beads are strong items of allurement. I promise you that a fine waist and a fine waist with bead chain is not the same! Getting that bead around your waist is a sure means of boosting your naked beauty. And the best part of it is when you have a man that adores such charm!... Waist beads are as old as the world ''woman''. 

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African women never miss to use this during the precolonial period. In some places, men use the phrase..''Do you have bead on?'' to ask their wife for sex. For the woman would then reply...''You have to come and find out yourself''...Yes for real. So if you are thinking to higher your body charm with one ethnic beauty tip, then think BEADS!!!

   2.  Black Lipstick

Black lipstick is one of the oldest ethnic beauty product used in many ethnic beauty tips. You will agree with me that black lipsticks are for regal occasions. Ancient Queens and beautiful women of old used black lipsticks to signify their class amongst other women. You can use black lipstick to boost your natural beauty , especially when you have a spotless face. Use black lipstick to get that sexy lips when you want to look different and still stunning.

   3.  Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used to achieve that sensual and smooth naked body during ethnic rituals. Coconut oil serves spiritual purposes during female rites. This ancient product is used to make the body more alluring and irresistible. If you are thinking of using ethnic means to get an attractive and wonderful body, then think coconut oil. This is one of the best and efficient ethnic beauty tips as it works for every woman.

   4.  Bead Earring

Bead earrings serves great purposes in ethnic beauty tips. These handmade earrings are used by Queens and Royalties to signify their outstanding class among other women. Using bead earrings will not only give you that original beauty look but also give your face the look it needs. This is one of the oldest form of ethnic beauty tips that can still keep you stunning today.

What is your favorite ethnic charm ornaments??  Share your thoughts with us. ....