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Tips To Get A Smoother Buttocks

Tips To Get A Smoother Buttocks

Tips To Get A Smoother Buttocks

What you do to care for your backside at home matters. The skin of your butt may be an afterthought, but it deserves the same attention as more visible parts. A spa session may help smooth the skin of your buttocks, but it'll cost you. Perform the same ritual at home for a fraction of the price.

Step 1: Exfoliate.

Use a sandy scrub designed for your body, such as one with brown sugar, and apply it with a bath loofah or damp washcloth to the skin of your behind. Work in circular motion with gentle pressure to help get rid of dead skin and small bumps. Rinse the scrub off thoroughly, and pat dry.

Step 2: Firm and moisturize.

Use a product with seaweed extract, which includes numerous vitamins and minerals. These products are also highly moisturizing, helping disperse fatty deposits. Apply a generous amount and massage slowly to let it sink in. Glycolic acid-containing moisturizers are another choice that can help fight the bumps caused by an overproduction of protein around the hair follicles.

Step 3: Repeat.

If your skin is particularly dry or dimpled, repeat the exfoliation process one to two times per week. Otherwise, once every couple of weeks is enough for this sensitive area. You can apply firming cream as often as the product recommends -- usually once or twice daily.

Tips: Regularly working out improves circulation to all muscles, including those deep inside your behind. Cardiovascular exercise, such as power walking uphill or dance class, can help activate your glutes -- the muscles of your buttocks. When these muscles are strong, the skin sits more smoothly over them. Strength training with moves such as bridges, lunges, squats and step-ups also helps build these muscles so the flab diminishes and a smoother, more muscular bum appears.

Handheld electronic massagers can stimulate the skin and muscles of the buttocks with electrical impulses. Improved circulation can help perk up your butt's skin and potentially smooth it out.

A professional massage, or one you do yourself in the shower or bath, may help break down lumpy areas. Fists or palms apply the firmest pressure.

If you're waiting for exfoliation, exercise and massage to kick in, take temporary smoothing measures. Self tanner gives the appearance of smoother skin by eclipsing some visible veins, cellulite and bruises. Apply it after an exfoliating session, though, for the smoothest, most even application.
Form-fitting undergarments can also create the appearance of smooth skin under tight clothing. Shaping tights and pants can lift the bottom, and make it look toned and bump free.

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