4 Best Hacks To Help You Remove Your Glitter Nail Polish

4 Best Hacks To Help You Remove Your Glitter Nail Polish

Most of us absolutely love glitter nail polishes but the only thing keeping us from wearing them is how difficult they are to remove. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. There’s no way we’ll let you miss the fun of a glitter manicure just because the removal is hard.

Here are 4 best hacks to help you remove your glitter nail polish:

1. The Basic Method

Use cotton bud to remove nail glitter polish

This first one is the most basic method and only works if your nail glitter isn’t very strong and if you’ve got lots of patience.
All you have to do is soak your cotton pad in a generous amount of remover, keep it on your nail for thirty seconds then rub it off. It isn’t likely to come off in one rub so you may have to try multiple times.

2. Get Peeling

Nail base coat for glitter polish remover
To tend to our glitter nail polish worries, OPI came up with a peel off base coat that was later introduced by other brands as well.
You apply this base before you put on your glitter nail paint. And when you want to remove it, all you have to do is peel it off, as easy as that.

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Tip: You can also make this coat at home. Mix liquid glue and water in the ratio 2:1 and your DIY peel off base coat is ready!

3. Take A Dip

Use acetone to remove nail glitter polish

This one will take up a lot of your acetone so make sure you have plenty.
In a narrow container pour enough acetone that it soaks your entire nail. Keep your nail dipped in for a minute. Afterwards, rub it off with a cotton pad.

Most of the polish should come off easily, and the rest might need some rubbing.

4. Drugstore Favourite

You may have come across bottles of nail polish remover that have a built in sponge in drugstores. All you have to do is put your finger in the hole made in the sponge and rub it around. It might take some time, but since your finger is dipped in remover and being rubbed by foam it is quite effective.

Now that there’s nothing holding you back, go get your manicure and share it with us in the comments below.

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