Best Independence Day beauty tips for Nigeria (October 1st)

Best Independence Day beauty tips for Nigeria (October 1st)

First of all we Elite Beauty Blog wishes “A Very Happy Independence Day”… Celebrating Independence Day is such a great feeling and definitely makes us emotional reminiscing the sacrifices of our great leaders.

 And now, in the evenings, every condo or the associations might have gatherings and celebrate this special day with much pride. Besides the delightful white, green and saffron outfits, one also need to concentrate on their makeup and hairstyles to look ultimate.

 It simply doesn't mean that you step out with those green shaded lips or orangish eye shadow, but you can look elegant adding those three colours in a wowsome way to your face… Sneak peek into the write-up and know how to glam up in a right way with these makeup tips… 

Step One: Prepping Up The Face

 Be it a party or any gathering, the first thing you need to do is prepping and pampering your face with right skin care products. Start with CTM process to own a glowing look.

 Step Two: Now Goes The Foundation 

Next comes in the foundation. Apply it in a proper way with the dotting method, Blend those dots all over your face and even cover the neck part as well. Then go with concealer and add that shine with a compact.

 Step Three: Eye Makeup

 To own that dramatic look, you need to fill your eye shadows with perfect shades. To define your eyes, firstly add mascara and eyeliner. And being Independence Day, to own that prominent and ultimate look, take over the light orangish shade and add it to your lids. You can go for shimmery effect by adding golden eye shadow. You can even add white eyeliner to your waterline and get that beautiful look. 

Step Four: For Those Beautiful Lips 

Orange shade is not any new thing in beauty dhunia. But instead opting for a darker shade, go for light orange shade and apply it on to your lips. Don't forget the lip liner as it paves the perfect path for the application of lipstick.

 Voila! You are done girls… Enjoy this national festival to the core by spreading happiness everywhere… Share sweets and greet your near and dear with a winsome smile!