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8 Mistakes You Are Making While Moisturizing Your Face

how to  moisturize  your face

So do  you think   you are using your moisturizer correctly? It may surprise you to know that  there are a few common moisturizer mistakes you may be making. Read on to find out if you’re guilty—plus how to avoid any moisturizer mishaps in the future!

We all know the basic don’ts when it comes to skin care: don’t forget to remove all your makeup at night, don’t touch your face throughout the day, don’t pick at your blemishes, and don’t neglect to moisturize daily!

Moisturizing should be an important step in every skin care routine no matter your skin type, but did you know there are actually a few common mistakes you might be making with your moisturizer use day in and day out? Don’t panic yet. Ahead, we’re walking you through a handful of moisturizer blunders, so you can remedy them ASAP!

1. Replacing Moisturizer With Oils

Yes, oils are very hydrating but they cannot always replace moisturizers! There are multiple moisturizer creams that are enriched with certain nutrients which are good for the skin!

2. Skipping Moisturizer Due To Pimples

If your skin is prone to acne and pimples, skipping moisturizer isn’t a good idea!

Pimples are caused due to skin pores being clogged with sebum which are oil glands that trap dirt!

If your skin is acne prone, mix an oil-free moisturizer with retinol to reduce irritation and hydrate skin at the same time!

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3. You Do Not Cleanse Your Skin Well

If your skin is not cleansed properly, you can never moisturize your skin the right way! Cleansing clears the pores and allows the skin to get hydrated well!

Skin pores can get clogged every day depending upon the lifestyle. One of the main reasons for clogging of skin pores is the pollution which the skin is exposed to.

A proper cleansing routine leads to better skin hydration and absorption so always make sure that the skin is cleansed well before moisturizer is applied!

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4. Using Wrong Cream At The Wrong Time

There are different types of moisturizers available in the market and every product holds its purpose! A moisturizer with SPF cannot be used at night. Similarly, night creams are not meant for the day!

5. Not Allowing the Skin To Absorb The Moisturizer

If you are layering too many products at the same time, you often do not let the moisturizer get absorbed ! For example, applying foundation or sunscreen right after applying moisturizer. This doesn’t let the skin pores absorb and settle in with the moisturizer! One must at least give 3 minutes for the skin to soak in the moisturizer before applying any other product on top!

6. Not Exfoliating Your Skin Well

If you are not exfoliating your skin frequently, your pores tend to get clogged with dead skins and dirt. This creates a barrier for your skin to absorb moisturizer and it tends to stay dehydrated!

7. Rubbing Moisturizer Harshly

Rubbing moisturizer too harshly never does any good! Gentle rubbing in circular motion is good as it enhances blood circulation, but too much of rubbing can damage the skin and cause inflammation!

Dermatologists suggest that the fourth finger which is the weakest of all fingers, should be used to apply the moisturizer over eyelids. Eyelid being much thinner than the rest of the skin, needs more care and if we use the fourth finger, we are less likely to be harsh on the eyelids.

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8. Not Using The Right Moisturizer

Using a wrong moisturizer is as sinful as using a wrong shade of foundation! Your skin type is crucial and it denotes the type of products to be used! Every skin type has a different rate of absorption and retention and as per that they require the right moisturizer!

Follow up these 8 steps and avoid making mistakes while you moisturize your skin! Keep your skin healthy the right way!


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