Stay At Home: How To Revitalize and Refresh Your Skin

Oh la la ! This is the best time to take care of your skin before we get to resume our daily struggles and loose our beauty time. This is the perfect time to take your skin to the next level. We cannot deny it, there are beautiful people and there are beautiful skins, beautiful face or figure doesn't make a beautiful skin. It's in your hands to own that glowy and exceptional skin tone that will make even Londoners go wow!! 

This is not about living in a cold room. Not about using your AC to make your skin fresh, this is a totally different approach that will make your friends ask you "How far?". Black is beautiful....yes black is the only skin tone that can be made beautiful no matter the depth of the pigmentation. From light skinned Igbo girls to brown Yoruba girls to black and deep black Ashante girls. When you see a beautiful skin, you cannot help but wish for it. And yes you can have it.  

Just take these steps and be sure to achieve that beauty skin you desire with time:

  • Take Your Bath Whenever You Feel Sweaty:  
This is very important. When we perspire and allow the perspiration to dry on our skin, this causes the basic content of our sweat to react with our skin. The more time it spends on your skin, the more it reacts with your skin through the hair pores, this will end up  giving your skin a different type of texture and inferior appearance. To avoid this , do not allow sweat to spend much time on your skin, take your bath after any sweaty exercise. This will keep your skin healthy and pure as you apply the next steps to follow.

  • Include Fruits, Vegetables and Milk To Your Diet 
Yes, I know fruits are expensive in some parts of the world, but the good news is that the  type of fruits that you need to enrich your skin comes really inexpensive. Don't worry babe!! Try this tricks:

A mixture of bananas, watermelon, cucumber, guava and milk poured over it is the perfect skin enrichment diet you need. Take this for two weeks and watch your skin blossom.

Cheap vegetables like Ugu, garden egg leaves, Okazi, bitterleaf, waterleaf , contains rich nutrients. All you need to do is extract it either manually by  boiling with water or by using hand and pressure to extract it. Drink the extract after each meal and watch the magic happen.

Milk is a very powerful part of the magic. The importance of milk cannot be overlooked. Milk can make your skin glow like a baby's. Of course a baby lives on milk alone, so you know what would happen to you if you live on milk.

  • Get A Skin Refreshing Lotion
The most important and effective of these tips, get the perfect Skin Refreshing Lotion for your skin. What puts this on edge over others is because this is the only process that you carry out from the outer side. You apply this step to your skin and its the most effective and compensates the initial steps. 

How To Know The Perfect Skin Refreshing Lotion?

As an African, the  National Association Of Dermatologists have confirmed that the best skin lotion for the African skin has to be naturally made from organic sources. If you are looking for the perfect SRL, then I will recommend you try Elite Beauty Skin Refreshing Lotion, specially produced from the best organic source. A trial will surely convince you.


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