10 Best Ways To Wear A Body Glitter

10 Best Ways To Wear A Body Glitter

10 Best Ways To Wear A Body Glitter

Glitter makeup is super fun to experiment with for special occasions like music festivals, but it's not exactly the easiest to apply. First, grab some cosmetic-grade glitter (not craft glitter) and test your skin's sensitivity in small patches before applying anything all over your body. Then use one of the below hacks and glitter away!

1. Turn your finishing spray into a glow spray.

Pour a liberal amount of finely milled powder highlighter or shimmer into your finishing spray, and shake it up. Use the spray as you normally would to finish your look and you'll get that extra boost of glow.

2. Use petroleum jelly as the base for body glitter.

Vaseline is the best product to use for making glitter stick to your d├ęcolletage. Spread the salve evenly on the area of skin you'd like to glitterfy, then press the glitter in with your hand or a brush.

3. Create your own glitter brow gel with hairspray.

Grande gets his glitter brows by spraying hairspray into a dish and adding loose cosmetic-grade glitter. To apply the glitter, dip a spoolie brush in the mix and comb the glitter through your brows.

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4. Mix loose pigment and body oil to make your own body shimmer.

Pour your body oil of choice in a travel bottle and add as much pigment as you want (just a sprinkle if you like a glow-from-within look or a heavy pour if you prefer a glow from the gods). Shake it up and apply anywhere you want extra shimmer.

5. Create your own glitter stamps out of cheap makeup sponges.

Cut whatever design you want out of a sponge and then use it to stamp glitter gel wherever you want on your body.

6. If you're really extra, replace your highlighter with cosmetic glitter.

Makeup artist recommends using a mixing medium or primer to liquefy your glitter and turn it into eyeliner, wet shadow, or a glaze over your cheekbones. To create the highlighter for the glitter cheekbone look, prep the area first with the mixing medium, then use a flat synthetic eye shadow brush to lay the glitter on top. Keep the glitter a good distance away from your eye to be safe.

7. Use hand sanitizer for a less permanent and less sticky application.

Apply hand sanitizer over the skin and while it's still wet, tap the glitter on top. When it dries, the glitter will be stuck to your skin but not sticky like other adhesives.

8. Hide your roots with glitter gel.

If you're enjoying a musical festival all weekend long and shampooing your hair isn't an option, paint some glitter gel along your part to deflect the haters. Use a small eye shadow brush to dab the glitter wherever you want.

9. Layer glitter on top of lipstick to make your own glitter lips.

l recommend applying a cream lipstick first (the glitter will flake off with liquid lipstick) and then using your finger to press the glitter into place.

10. Use a combo of oil and tape to remove the glitter when the party's over.

The no-fail way to remove glitter is to first dab the area with Scotch tape to remove most of it and then use an oil cleanser to get the rest. Expert advises against using actual makeup remover though, which makes the glitter adhere closer to the skin.

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