10 Ways To Make Yourself Sexy!!!

10 Ways To Make Yourself Sexy!!!

You want to be sexy. Incredibly sexy. But then you look in the mirror and…let’s just say, any similarity is well hidden which understandably dampens your enthusiasm.
Can I tell you something?  Being sexy has little to do with looks and everything to do with “aura”.

An incredibly sexy person lives inside of you, dying to come out.Come on, let’s bring that magnetism to the surface.  That is, if you dare!

1.  Stop thinking you’re not sexy and just “be” sexy

Make yourself sexy by taking on the right attitude. If you are burying your sexiness, there’s a reason. Do yourself a favor. Go on a mission and find that reason.
Born within you, there is an attractive, playful, seductive side so decide to own it!
Change doesn’t happen over time, it happens in the moment you make that decision.  Read on.

2.  Deal with your past love stories so they don’t fight with your current story

Bringing the pain and heartbreak of past relationships into the present will kill your sexiness with fear.
Those voices lie below the surface and convince you that history is repeating itself. The only way to live in today is to first look the memories in the face and heal those hurts.
Someone who has learned from where they’ve been and determined to make the present far better is emotionally available. And that, my friend, is extremely sexy.

3.  Become a true lovemaking expert

True lovemaking starts with touching the heart of someone else. From out of that connection grows the magic of head to toe, skin on skin, electric contact.
Sex is an art. You can drive your partner crazy by learning how the body responds.
It isn’t difficult, time consuming or mysterious. Obtaining your Master’s Degree is all kinds of fun and very rewarding.

Once you know the science of sex, it becomes much easier to hold conversations about it as well. It’s surprising to someone when they discover you can talk about it because it means you know about what works. Now that is incredibly sexy…

4.  Find your James Bond confidence

That sense of knowing who you are and what makes you worth kissing will exude sexiness to everyone around you even if that’s not your intention.  I learned this from my second time around husband who says I was like a magnet to him.
Inner confidence attracts (this is not arrogance we are talking about here).You laugh more easily.
It gives you a kind of mystery that tells someone that you would not bring a lot of “drama” into a relationship. Rather, you would make life interesting.

5.  Practice being naked

No matter how unsatisfied you may be with your body, walk around naked – a lot. ( I would suggest practicing when you are alone or you may frighten your children.)  It’s amazing how sexy you begin to feel.
The more you become comfortable in your own skin, the less you care what someone else thinks.
It sounds ridiculous but practice sexy poses in the mirror and forget the sagging tummy or thighs. Remember, it’s all about attitude.

Let it be your eyes that say what you are thinking and your body won’t matter at all.

6.  Seduce yourself by creating the perfect Lover’s ambiance

Romance leads to intimacy. It’s a beautiful thing and worth cultivating at any stage of a relationship.
For example, turn your bedroom into a boudoir complete with soft lighting and an electric fireplace. Make it a place you love to go.
Try out a variety of soft music and find what you would enjoy sharing with someone else.
Check out restaurants that have atmosphere or find the best places in the city to sit and look at the lights.Anticipation is fun and being prepared will give you the edge you need when that “right moment” presents itself.

7.  Dress yourself up and take yourself out

The clothes do not make the person but they sure can enhance the person’s best features. Even if you don’t like to shop, make it an interesting project to find out what colors and fit look great on you.
Feeling sharp translates into confidence so be prepared with a couple of outfits that bring out that “Bond” quality in you, man or woman.
Then take yourself on a date somewhere you would love to go just because you are worth it. Be truly ok with being alone and soon you will be giving off incredibly sexy vibes.

8.  Stand tall, shoulders back and look others in the eye. Smile.

Most men agree that the sexiest thing about a woman is her smile. Why? Because when a woman is happy, they don’t have to wonder how to get her there.In the same way, the last thing a woman wants to take on is being a man’s mom. She wants a man, not a boy.
Your posture and the way you present yourself tells the world about you.So practice standing tall and being direct and don’t worry if you aren’t feeling confident in the moment. Doing this automatically communicates confidence to your brain and soon your feelings will follow.

9. Become a Romance Master

We know the moments. He guides her into a dark room and suddenly its filled with incredible light with music and a table set for two. As a woman, I’ve been told men fear romance because they run out of ideas and they know their lady’s heart responds to being wooed.Romance can be as simple as honestly looking into the eyes of your lover in order to see what’s really going on inside of them.
Romance can be the words you use in a text during the day or when you say goodnight.Taking the time to go into your heart and find out what speaks to the heart of your lover creates romance.
Be careful here because being open to growing the romantic side of you will make you incredibly sexy!

10.  Fall in love with your life

You have so much to offer. “Incredibly sexy” is simply knowing that and not tolerating play-acting in your life.It’s about what’s going on inside of you – inside your deepest heart.
Imagine being so interested in your own life that you can’t wait to get up in the morning.
Imagine having a sense of passionate purpose at the base of your life continually exciting you about how you are made and what you are meant to do to make a difference.

Imagine taking control of your life so that you spend your time the ways you choose to and with whom you choose to.

How would this feel? Empowering, right?  Begin moving toward becoming this person.

That’s the secret to making yourself incredibly sexy.