20 useless beauty tips that you should ignore

20 useless beauty tips that you should ignore

20 useless beauty tips that you should ignore

Everyone has their own ideas about beauty, but some beauty hacks simply need to disappear.
Experimenting with your look and discovering new ways of keeping your skin fresh and clear can be enjoyable. But some of the beauty tips you find online, or receive from friends or family are ineffective or outright bad for your skin.

By gaining some insight, you can easily look your best without causing long term negative effects – and you don’t even have to get rid of that blue eyeshadow.

1. Putting lemons on your face.

Putting lemons or lemon juice on your face for brighter skin – or even to get rid of freckles – has grown in popularity among DIY mavens. Unfortunately, the acids in lemon juice strip the skin of healthy oil and cause skin damage and dryness over time.

2. Not cleaning your makeup brush.

We often forget that your makeup brush not only puts stuff on your face, it picks up oils and bacteria that remains on the brush and can cause a wide range of skin conditions. Use a brush cleaner or shampoo to remove contaminants after each use.

3. Brushing your hair too much.

We’ve all heard that stimulating hair follicles will make your hair grow long and beautiful. The truth is, frequent brushing will strip your hair of natural oils, making it more frizzy and fragile.

4. Weird DIY tricks to gain pouty lips

Plumping your lips with DIY tricks can severely damage it. You can have pouty lips by using a legit plumping product or extending your lipstick beyond your lip line.

5. Exfoliating every time you cleanse

I can’t stress how important natural oils are for your skin. While some exfoliation is great for giving your skin that fresh look, you certainly shouldn’t be doing this every day. Excessive exfoliation can actually cause micro-tears on your skin, which will make it sensitive, dry and irritated.

6. Using glue to remove acne

Glue has never been proven effective at removing acne. In fact, by applying glue to your skin, you are exposing it to harmful polymers and chemicals that can damage your skin.

7. Using a lot of glitter

Always remember, a little glitter goes a long way. A subtle application of glitter around the eyes can make you sparkle for those special occasions. But too much glitter and everyone will be sparkling.

8. Freezing or burning your eyeliner pencil.

Melting your eyeliner pencil can be messy. Often, it doesn’t achieve the results you want. Alternatively, many people have begun freezing their pencils, but cold eyeliner usually work no better than room temperature.
It is my opinion that sharpening a frozen pencil will give you a more pointed tip. You may want to try liquid or gel liners if you want a dramatic look.

9. Popping your pimples.

Popping pimples can be addictive, but often causes scarring. Try cleaning your skin and using a dab of acne cream for the best, scar-free results.

10. Washing your face in the morning.

Your skin produces healthy oils while you sleep, and washing them off in the morning can make your skin dry and irritated. The best practice is to cleanse once a day, before going to bed, and applying a good shielding lotion several times throughout the day.

11. Exfoliating your face every day

Natural oils are also removed when you exfoliate your skin, especially on your face. Once or twice a week of exfoliating your face is enough to rid excess oils.

12. Makeup wipes are alternatives for actual cleansers

Makeup wipes are only used to get rid of some makeup. Washing your face is still the best way to clean your face.

13. Nail polish will make your nails permanently yellow

Yellow nails are just stains from dark nail polish. You can paint on a clear base coat before applying nail polish to avoid discoloration. Express yourself by beautifully painted nails.

13. Lipstick can be used on the cheeks and eyelids

Using lipgloss or lipstick on areas except your lips will just make you look funny. Aside from the sticky feel of lip gloss on your lids, it won’t stay long either.

14. Use different shades of foundation on your face and neck

Your make up foundation should match your face and neck. The foundation that fits you best is the one that disappears into the skin when applied.

15. Going overboard with DIY products

Some DIY products are harmful to the skin such as mascara out of Oreos, hemorrhoid cream, or food coloring for eye shadow. Choose natural products instead.

16. Mixing different products

Girls tend to buy multiple make up brands that are cheap. Just spend on products that are dermatologically tested. Branded and natural products will save you tons of money from curing break outs.

17. Using beer or mayonnaise in your hair

Even though some ingredients from beer and mayo make hair glossy, it will also leave your hair with foul smell. Try using shampoos with contents same as beer and mayonnaise.

18. Never pluck a gray hair

There’s a beauty myth that says when you pluck a gray hair, it will cause 10 gray hair strands to grow in its place. Best solution for gray hair is seeing a colorist.

19. Indoor tanning beds

If you’re dying to have a gorgeous tan, never try indoor tanning beds for it can lead to cancerous skin diseases such as melanoma. It only damages your skin cells.

20. Drinking water hydrates your skin.

Water intake doesn’t equal to natural oil production of our bodies. You can drink eight glasses of agua per day but your skin may still feel dry. Resolve to moisturizing your skin regularly.
Sadly, all beauty tips mentioned above are just myths. If you happen to follow some, just stop doing it now.

You may leave a comment below if you know other famous beauty myths.