Recommended makeup hacks that helps

Makeup hacks

Amazing makeup hacks that can change your life

Putting on makeup every day can become tedious with time, especially, if you follow along more complicated beauty routine. All tips and hacks that can save time are appreciated, so here are ten of these that could spare you a lot of anxiety and help you be on time:

1. Business card or a spoon for eyelid protection

Here is one the most useful makeup hacks that can save you a lot of time: to avoid getting mascara on your eyelids while you apply it in the morning, use a business card or another piece of hard paper or cardboard as a protector. You can then apply it much faster, since you won’t have to worry about smudging your lids. A spoon will also do.

2. Concealer brush for the lipstick

Instead of using the lipstick itself, use a concealer brush to apply it – this makeup hack will help you outline your lips more accurately and precisely. After this, to make your lipstick last longer, with a thick brush dust some translucent powder on a piece of tissue that you’re holding over your lips. This will also add beautiful and elegant matte finish to your lipstick.

3. Hairspray for bobby pins

Bobby pins tend to slip and slide from your hair, so stick them on a piece of paper towel and give them a good spraying with hair spray. That’ll make them stick much better when you put them in your hair.

4. Lip balm for brows

This is one of those makeup hacks that might sound bizarre but it works! You can “brush” your eyebrows using lip balm and a spooly. Apply the lip balm directly to your brows with the tip of a finger, then finish the job with the spooly. Needless to say, use this particular spooly for your eyebrows alone.

5. The two-step eyelash procedure

Makeup hacks for achieving amazing eyelashes are pretty numerous, and here is one of them: for gorgeous eyelashes, curl them and apply mascara in two steps. First, curl at the base, then halfway through. Then apply a layer of mascara to the tips, let it dry, then apply to the whole length.

6. The flicky eyeliner trick

This retro look is very often hard to get but there’s a simple makeup hack: just draw the flick starting from under your eye, not from the edge of the upper eyelid. These are the tips that save a great deal of time and still make you look glamorous.

7. Make your own conditioner

If your hair has a tendency to get tangled and frizzy during the day, then here is the beauty tip to use: mix one part of leave-in hair conditioner with three parts water in a spray bottle and use it as a spray stay-in conditioner to get rid of hair frizz and tangles. How cool is that?

8. White base to make your eyes stand out

If you want to highlight your eyes, here is another one of useful makeup hacks: put a base of white eyeshadow first, before going on to apply the colour or colours you like over it. An added benefit is that the white base will make the other colours last longer and look a lot brighter.

9. Make your own gel eyeliner

For a fatter, darker line, you just need to hold your pencil eyeliner in a flame for one second, then let it cool for another 15 seconds before applying it on your eyes. This makes your pencil eyeliner softer and, respectively, easier  and faster to apply.

10. X is for Cupid’s bow

To make it easier to get that Cupid’s bow look on your lips, before outlining the lips and applying the lipstick, draw an x in the middle of your upper lip. It will serve as a guide and make the whole business much more accurate and faster.

Do you have favorite makeup hack? Let us know about it by commenting below.