How To Use Makeup To Hide Varicose Veins, Stretchmarks and Skin Scars(Plus Video Tutorial)

How To Use Makeup To Hide Varicose Veins, Stretchmarks and Skin Scars(Plus permanent ways to remove varicose veins)

Don't let bruises, blisters, blue veins, or stretch marks keep you from baring your legs this summer. You can don short shorts, high-cut bikinis, and miniskirts with just a little bit of extra coverage (that is, if you choose, of course.) Read on to discover various ways to hide your tiny imperfections during the warmer months and if you have some good credit, then try the permanent methods to get rid of stretchmarks.

We have made awesome collections of top Makeup hacks that can disguise that  Varicose Veins, Stretchmarks and Skin Scars on your body. With these proven tips from top beauty bloggers, you are sure on your way to an even smoother and softer skin. READ ON!

5 Simple Makeup Tips To Cover Varicose Veins/Spider Veins From StyleCraze

Things You Will Need:

  1. Body makeup
  2. Sunless tanning lotion
  3. Eyeliner makeup brush
  4. Waterproof concealer
  5. Makeup sponge
  6. Airbrush leg sprays

1. Applying Sunless Tanning Lotion:

Take a small amount of sunless tanning lotion and spread it over both the legs with your hands. Keep on rubbing gently until all the lotion has completely mixed with the skin and is absorbed. It will take some time for the lotion to dry. Allow it to set and wash your hands well after the application. While choosing a sunless tanning lotion, make sure that you choose a light to medium tan color that looks almost similar to your skin so that the overall impression does not appear fake.

Wear your dress after the lotion has dried completely, so that it does not stain your dress or create messy patches. You can apply the sunless tanning lotion twice a week to maintain the clear look and hide the varicose veins.

2. Using Body Makeup:

Take a body makeup bottle with the shade similar to the skin of your legs. After the lotion has dried completely, it is time to apply the body makeup on the legs using a makeup sponge or fingers. Apply a light layer of body makeup over the complete portion of the leg with varicose veins. For example, if the veins are visible on the lower leg, spread the body makeup evenly over the lower portion of the leg up to the knee. Make sure that the edges of the makeup are properly blended using a dabbing motion so that they perfectly gel with your skin.

3. Applying Waterproof Concealer:

Now, take a thin eyeliner makeup brush and insert it in the bottle of a waterproof concealer. Make sure that the shade of the concealer is a bit lighter than the body makeup. Cover the varicose veins by applying concealer in a thin line.

4. Blending The Concealer:

Just as the body makeup, it is important to blend the concealer properly into the skin. Use the makeup sponge or your finger to dab the concealer lightly so that it blends well with the skin. Make sure the concealer is blended effectively so that you cannot see the varicose veins at all.

5. Aerosol Leg-Spray For Smaller Veins:

In case you have varicose veins that are not prominent at all, you can skip the makeup part and simply use an aerosol leg-spray to cover them. You will find this product sold under the category of airbrush legs. First, spray it on the area with the varicose veins, and gently make smaller circles with your fingers to blend it into the skin. Let it dry well before getting dressed.

Video Tutorial:

FROM: StyleCraze

How to Cover Up Spider Veins 2


Sometimes varicose veins lead to more serious problems.

Self-care, such as exercising, losing weight, not wearing tight clothes, elevating your legs, and avoiding long periods of standing or sitting, can ease pain and prevent varicose veins from getting worse. Other options range from using makeup to sclerotherapy.

Compression Stockings

Wearing compression stockings is a good first approach to try before moving on to other treatments. They steadily squeeze your legs, helping veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently. The amount of compression varies by type and brand. Veins, as well as scars, can be camouflaged with long-lasting body makeup specially formulated to cover tattoos, spider veins, scars, stretch marks, and bruises.

You'll want to choose a concealer that matches the color of the skin on your legs (this will likely be different from your face). Once applied, body makeup should be set with a powder so it won't come off on your clothes.

Can I Get My Spider or Varicose Veins Removed Permanently?

If you don't respond to self-care or compression stockings, or if your condition is more severe, your doctor may suggest one of these varicose vein treatments, according to the Mayo Clinic:


In this procedure, your doctor injects small- and medium-sized varicose veins with a solution that scars and closes those veins. In a few weeks, treated varicose veins should fade.

Although the same vein may need to be injected more than once, sclerotherapy is effective if done correctly. Sclerotherapy doesn't require anesthesia and can be done in your doctor's office.

Foam sclerotherapy of large veins;

 Injection of a large vein with a foam solution is also a possible treatment to close a vein and seal it. This is a newer technique.

Laser surgeries; 

Doctors are using new technology in laser treatments to close off smaller varicose veins and spider veins. Laser surgery works by sending strong bursts of light onto the vein, which makes the vein slowly fade and disappear. No incisions or needles are used.

Catheter-assisted procedures using radiofrequency or laser energy; 

In one of these treatments, your doctor inserts a thin tube (catheter) into an enlarged vein and heats the tip of the catheter using either radiofrequency or laser energy. As the catheter is pulled out, the heat destroys the vein by causing it to collapse and seal shut. This procedure is the preferred treatment for larger varicose veins.

High ligation and vein stripping; 

This procedure involves tying off a vein before it joins a deep vein and removing the vein through small incisions. This is an outpatient procedure for most people. Removing the vein won't adversely affect circulation in your leg because veins deeper in the leg take care of the larger volumes of blood.

Ambulatory phlebectomy.

Your doctor removes smaller varicose veins through a series of tiny skin punctures. Only the parts of your leg that are being pricked are numbed in this outpatient procedure. Scarring is generally minimal.

Endoscopic vein surgery. 

You might need this operation only in an advanced case involving leg ulcers if other techniques fail. Your surgeon uses a thin video camera inserted in your leg to visualize and close varicose veins and then removes the veins through small incisions. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.

Video Tutorial :

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