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How To Correct Your Bleached Skin

How to stop your skin from bleaching

Sometimes we may have to bleach our skin due to aging, sun exposure, medications or pollution is an option for returning skin to its original coloration. Hyper pigmentation, or increased melanin production--resulting in darker patches of skin--is also a reason for skin bleaching.

Most girls and even guys nowadays are seeking to lighten the skin’s appearance and appear whiter. Skin bleaching procedures can take a few weeks or up to a year or more to show results. Reversing the effects of skin bleaching can be just as lengthy, however here are some sure means to reverse your skin:

Discontinue the use of any skin bleaching procedures.

To reverse the effects, the process should be halted and an evaluation of the skin undertaken. Visually inspect skin for current condition and coloration in regard to overall skin tone. If skin damage has occurred during the skin bleaching treatments, consult a medical professional to assess short- or long-term effects.

Expose skin to sunlight.

Sunlight may naturally halt or reverse the skin bleaching process. The skin will begin to absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun and begin darkening the skin in areas where bleaching occurred. Bleaching reduces the body’s production of melanin, the substance that makes skin appear darker. Sun exposure encourages the production of melanin in the skin. It is recommended that skin protection be used whenever skin is exposed to the sun.

Contact a professional dermatologist for assistance in monitoring the skin bleaching reversal process.

Additional options to reverse the effects may be available through skin care specialist like a dermatologist. A professional can also provide insight into progress during the reversal process.

Use Aloe Vera And Essential Oil.

You can also hasten the process of your skin recovery by using essential oil or aloe Vera gel on the most pronounced parts like your finger joints,  ankles and knees which may have been blotted from the harsh hydoquinone contents of whitening creams.


Many skin bleaches contain mercury and hydroquinone as main ingredients. These chemicals are toxic and can result in long-term health issues, including cancer and thyroid conditions. Severe damage such as scarring, acne and extreme skin discoloration created by the use of skin-bleaching products can be irreversible.

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