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Top 6 DIY Homemade Facial Scrubs For Amazing Skin

We all suffer from layers of dead skin cells covering our faces and clogged skin pores due to our lifestyle, which constantly exposes us to pollution and dust! Exfoliation is key to eradicating the dead skin cells from our face, unleashing the true radiance hidden underneath! A good exfoliation depends on a good scrub and scrubbing technique.Hence, we spill the beans to achieve a relaxing and effective exfoliation at home with easy steps and some simple DIYs scrubs!How to Exfoliate:1. Tie your hair back to keep them away from face. You can also wear a headband to protect your hairline .2. Use an effective makeup remover or baby wipes to remove the makeup. Wash your face with cold water using a deep cleanser or face wash. Ensure the skin is perfectly clean.3. Open your skin pores by using the steaming method. You can also keep a face towel dipped in warm water for 2 minutes on your face.4. Once the skin pores are opened, it is time to detox it off…