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I walked freely with the blowing breeze, and let loose the buttons of my sweat shirt to permit unobstructed aeration. I felt free, my thoughts were free and my cock was at peace. But I perspired despite the slow-steady cool-warm South-East Trade winds striking in a temporary euphoria through my melanin. I'm used to it, the Atlantic Trade winds, coming with its magic , I let myself drift in the perfection of the moment, almost closed my eyes, but the wind came again, this time polluted. I allowed it in again before concluding. I looked just behind me to see her. Its the third night....and its the right time.

I took four steps close, but it seemed far, so I took another 4 closer, this time I could smell her hair, make up, lipsticks, all constituents into that womanly smell that beckons for actions. My eyes read everything she wore, I already knew the clothes will be mine to take off so I made sure I didn't miss a spot. I took her hands and her head rose slowly with her eyes to meet mine. I was overwhelmed, I felt a rush of thoughts through me and I couldn't decide on letting her  to kiss me or taking the kiss to her, I was still contemplating before she came on me, my hands let loose and she fell into the warm comfort of my arms, I welcomed the tenderness of her body, as our two bodies press on each other, and my right hand dropped freely in a slow caress around her curves..,.slowly allowing my left hand to wander within her waist, my left went from the curves straight up to take her long hair in, I drew it closer and breathed slowly , taking in the same air as the breeze blew some minutes ago, I pressed her closer into my arms, the expression on her face changed as my hardness was felt on her thighs.......

''How long have you been here?''

 I asked softly, taking her lips into mine almost immediately, she made effort to say something. I didn't want to hear it! Our pheromones were communicating already. I kissed her slowly, taking acknowledgment of the act, and the softness of her waist muscles, and the way her lips submits to my tongue, we seized breath, our nose met, our heart beat at the same pace, my hardness was pressed to the region in between her thighs, there was strength in me, there was a heat gearing up, I let us drift away in a momentary elation as I kissed her with all the desires in me, I felt her weakening, and melting to my ''giving'' , she moaned slowly and fell to my arms, I turned her around and let my hardness onto her butt, my hands wound around her, I let her lead to the place of love making....slowly.

She walked me in, there was freshness in the room, it was dark except for the spark rays that fell from outside, The bedding were silky and looks comfy, It was a masters specific bedroom. There was nothing else in the room, the bathroom situates at the left edge corner. The bed roots at the right end. I made sure to avoid unnecessary and irrelevant objects in the sex room. The room walls were covered in blue Egyptian Curtains which gives the room a strange illumination on the bed. I led her slowly to the bed. The beauty of her body as the lights fail on it, the tenderness and the shyness she tries to conceal...all I find adorable. Slowly I bent  and planted a gentle kiss on her neck, and forehead, and lips.......''You're so beautiful...what a food for the gods''...I said. She smiled.

 ''And you have the most angelic smile ever''...

''Oh , you stop with the spoiling''...she said. Getting comfortable

''Its well deserved sweetness''.....I said

''Tell me about it??''

''Its not something I can help, your body inspires my mind, heart and cock!''  She laughed

I took time with the undressing, her top was first, as I take off the light yellow silk shirt, to unveil her shoulders, I breath on them softly, and let my tongue have a taste. I couldn't locate the skirt buttons so I tore them apart as my impatience rises. I took them off hastily with her under pants and ran my hands through her thighs, stopping at her butt level, I moved my hands around them, pressed on her butt lightly and smacked hard. She in a bit different tone. I rose to face her, and her boobs welcomed my eyes. I grabbed on them and sucked softly with steady nibbling, and my index made way into her , stroking her softly as I sucked on her nipples. Her waist whined. I let her drop. But continued, my thumb rubbed on her clit, and my index did the stroking, and she got wetter, I kissed on her chest and sucked deeply on it, and her boobs, and neck, and navel.....she moaned...and I kissed her lips again, fingering deeper, as she got more open, I let my index stroke still, and slowly, my tongue drops on her clit, softly brush the tip on her clit and sucked on it intensely as I stroke with my index. Her waist whined in all direction as she crave for my cock. Now drawing on my hands deeper into her, she pulled me closer and I fail on bed, she mounted me immediately, and took all of my hardness in, her boobs flung on my face , my hands wound around her waist as I stroked her from below. Going with same pace, our energy came together and our hearts worked on one thing. And we were one.

Electrification 3

I was awoken by the feel of Anita's hair on my chest, plus the soft breath from her nose, her hands held around my waist. I opened my eyes and allowed my hands to wander through her curves. Anita and I have been best friends for 9 years now. It all started with a text beef in our music group, we got really close in no time as her family were contesting for the Maltina Family Dance Competition so I didn't have a hard time talking about stuffs.

 I've already auditioned for Star Trek and MTN Project Fame and we talked about the bureaucracy of Nigerian Talent Hunts which focuses on your ability to perform rather than the "Talent" which involves your ability to create and initiate. It's been years now and alot have happened. Whoever knew that after 9 years we'd find ourselves together. Anyways I'm now in Lagos and we can do all the things we have always talked about.

 "Good morning Buzor" came her voice, hitting through my thoughts. 

I glide my fingers through her curves as I turn around to face her. The morning sun is still coming from the Eastern window and it made her hair shone, she smiled and I bet nothing could be more beautiful. 

I kissed warmly on her forehead as I reply her greeting.. "Morning sweets"

 I made to get up but she held tightly on me, I let my legs entangle into her tender thighs as we engage in a close body cuddle. I could feel the warmth of her body and the warmth of her soul as our chests came together. She pressed her full boob's onto my chest. I slid out from the covers and got on top of her, taking a clear look at her curvy body. She almost looks like a mermaid with the perfect curves. 

Her hips were small, her thighs were full and her legs stood in elegance. I felt a rush of attraction to her body as I started kissing all over her. I started with soft kisses, licking my tongue through her legs, breathing slowly on her soft skin. She moaned slowly and her body tickled with each given. I kissed slowly from her legs to her thighs, her hips whined up as my tongue got to her curves, licking softly and breathing softly on her curves. I could feel the alternation in her heartbeat. I got stuck on what next but her body is a park of inspiration. I moved my hands tactfully through her legs and to her curves, and then she took my hand and led them to her paradise. I first rubbed my thumb on her clit, and then I rubbed it again, and then steadily before sliding my index into her. She was so FUCKING WET!.... And hot. 

I started stroking her with my index, her waist whining about in deep pleasure. I bent low and let my tongue tip drop on her clit as I finger her. Right now we are all fired and my desires are burning, she got up and pushed me down to the bed, without giving me a choice, she got ontop of me and next I could feel my hardness going inside of her wet smooth inside. Euphoric it felt like as she rode me with so much power. I held on to her curves as she rode me, my hands brushing through her body. I held onto her boobs, rubbing my finger tips on her nipples. Her riding became intense, my cock hitting her deepest spot. "Where have you been all this while, all my life" Came Anita's voice as she drifts away in ecstasy. I drew her close down and kissed her deeply, holding my hands onto her hips I made her stop riding and I started stroking her from below.

 I stroked deep and intense too, and her juices were all over me. She moaned in slow depth as I turned her over and took control. She made open her thighs as I come in between them, she held on to my cock and guided them into her. I kissed her lips as I started stroking again, deep and passionately. Her waist whined as I stroked her, she was moaning loudly now, and holding on to me, I stroked faster and deeper, we were gonna climax, she held me so tight and squeezed her inside muscles around my cock, making me cum in depth as we climaxed together..... 

I got up and put my arms around her, she gave in to my strength as I carried her to the bathroom......

Breakfast In Bed

Its been almost 7 months of our dating, alot has happened, the good, the bad and the painful. In the last event that happened, we found ourselves in the most vulnerable state, so vulnerable that we acted with the intent to hurt. Even its been days since the worse happened, and it all seems like a dream to me, the books I read try to convince me to give up, the books had their words of motivation but yet they lack reason(s), as i pass through this hurt. But in everything I do not know what is my impetus to fight for love. I just found myself fighting, yes I'm fully aware of the insults and brake of ethics.

Obviously love kills. I listened to many people talk about their heart being broken and how they dealt with it, I was like...''You guys weren't probably in love'' . Because what i feel is too strong, deep and red, too much to be buried, too deep to be swallowed by rationale. Its just unbelievable....and I refuse to accept that reality.

So we got into a heated state, we got confused and MY LOVE had to go back to her ex for comfort because I hurt her with WORDS. I found myself being all silly and funny.

I googled...''why did my girlfriend went back to her ex''...I didn't get any reasonable answer. I googled...''why do women cheat''. Not still enough reasons to quelm my burning heart. I googled ''how to deal with heartbreak''...nothing still!! so I gave up on google.
This has to do with my heart and emotions. I thought I should deal with it. So I begged her still, i didn't count the wrongs we did to each other. I just wanted her back, I just wanted her, I was weak, broken and helpless....because I love her and I love to love her... But while I begged on....she was in another mans arms. I sought strength, this is a girl I love, nothing helps, nothing can help me here unless she comes back and heal my heart.

This was it ,I asked to meet her again so we can talk things over. She Agreed!!! I love her and I can't stop thinking of the upcoming moment we are gonna spend together, I would love her, I would adore her curves, I would kiss and whisper sweet nothings into her ear, I would pass my breath through her curves, I'd kiss her everywhere, I'd do everything I miss doing....everything that she allowed me to do, everything that paved the way for me to fall helplessly in love...and I can't accept there is a life without you...My Love.

I thought about how to please and make her heart turn back to me. I thought...I'd love her from 4 in the morning, I'd wake her up with my love...I'd kiss her forehead and Whisper good morning into her ear....and I'd tell her to lay right there as I bring her...Breakfast In Bed.

Breakfast In Bed

I always had the fantasy of waking up in the middle of the night to enjoy that dark and unsafe moment with my love. With all the emotions garnered, with the calmness and scary darkness of the night, as intense as nature is. . So will our emotions be. And we would make love into the deep dark night...and I'd stroke her with all my love, and I'd Fuck her nicely till we climax and then we can cuddle into the morning .

I thought as I'd wake up, and felt her body next to me, as inviting as ever. It feels like rubber when i caress her curves and it drives desires into me, making me hard and overwhelmed at the same time. I started touching her, my hands moved slowly from her waist curves through her ribs and back down to her butt. I'm sure she could feel my hardness against her, pressing so hard on her body and my undie is already stained with precum of lust. I let my palm rest on her curve and then i kissed her shoulder joint, licking my tongue on em, I kissed her neck softly and then slowly moved my tongue to lick her ear, my hands moved tactfully down, rubbing on her thighs and then i let my finger glide through her thighs. I kissed her down , from her shoulders to , her hands and slowly to her curves, she giggled, i licked my tongue through her curves and let it slide down to her butt, I kissed it deeply and even bite it....she giggled again... 

I made to get up a bit so my lips could get to her chest. I planted a warm kiss on her bare chest and ran my tongue down to her nipples. I rolled my tongue around her nipple as it turns hard, i sucked it with love. I sucked deeply on the nipple, letting my hands move around her curves, and slowly slide inside her honeypot. It was so warm...and creamy. I slide my index inside her, soaking in her wetness I brought it out and had a taste of it. I rubbed my palm on her tummy, and moved it up to her boobs, cupping them, I pressed em firmly. She gave a deep breath of yearnings, stretched her body and then I noticed her hips whining as I finger her with my index. Slowly, She detached from me and slowly said....''I'm sleepy and tired''.

I kissed her shoulder joint again, and bid her to sleep more then, its just 04:28AM and I have better plans for the morning...and you can't imagine my plans of a natural Breakfast In Bed.

Check back for the story Breakfast In Bed coming soon......

Electrification 1

electrification erotic tale

09:21 PM...

Stefano unlocked the wooden door that barred his study room and the "other" room which connects the other rooms. The Beu 23X gold lustred phone made a move from his left front pocket to his palm as the door opened , as his thought box opened as well to welcome Priscilla in a mixture of flashes....clean charcoals. 

"Call and ask about the debate project" and if they have been able to determine the easier way to come. Or just text her ... Stef typed fast as he shoved the door open with his right arm,

"Hi, I'm thinking about you" .....09:25.(S)
He stepped into the room, pushing the door to closure. His phone message from Priscilla.
"Hey..... me too, I was on with the monk from Ethiopia earlier....uhmm, did you have idea King Solomon was a Casanova? ......09:26 (P)
" That depends, to some of his friends he was a libertine, to some he wasn't more than roue...with a cock ring"...I'm sure! ......09:27..(S)
"Well, that's not you have a cock ring?".... 09:27.(P)

" Only if you have a waist bead"....09:27(S)
"Never heard of that.."...09:28(P)
Stef hung the last of his clothes on the wardrobe as he looks down involuntarily...almost..yes to check if his cock is still there...or to check if its hard...or just to check...Stef wondered how he's gotten used to this usual ritual of looking down to his hardness.
" Yes......??.....09:30. (P)
"Yes..." Stef replied, almost immediately
"Yes, Solomon was a Casanova"
"Hmm, are you OK?...... 09:31(P)
" I can let you wear my bead....09:32(S)
"So men do wear that?
" Its mine, but I don't wear it, I guess its been waiting for you...welcome"
"What if I come unwell" I think the waist bead is highly enchanting but safe it for next time"..... 09:33(P)
" I'll be waiting!"

She came dressed way too conservative, Stef didn't or just couldn't give much thought to what she wore, but yet, he has to be chivalrous with this Lady-Of-Class. He let his arms drop around her in a welcome gesture, dropping lower to round her waist. The look in her eyes read of shock and submission...and pride so she disengaged from Stef's hold and made some steps forward. Stef followed, a bit demoralized and hopeful.

'' Wow, so where is the next destination of this ''your erotic journey''.. ? She asked as she takes to the couch.

''Erotic journey? That's really preposterous, would make a good porno title''.. Stef laughed softly and deeply.

''Yes , I only give titles, I don't partake'' Priscilla starts to unbutton her shirt.

''I'd love to and I'd rather I take those off myself...please? Stef...almost pleads, feeling unneeded and even conquered.

She laughs. The shirt came off, and then the plain panties. Stef watched intensely, relaxed..with a slight increase in the pace of his heartbeat. She now stuns on her undies, an orange bra that concealed 60% of her boobs, her nipples were concealed , Stef guessed on what its like. She had a black underpants that made a triangular coat of her treasure room and runs through her curves to her back, her butt was well guarded. It was an adorable piece, her skin shone a bit, she looked different and Stef stared intensely, trying to place hands on what the specialness is. Her boobs looked like they would get bigger tomorrow...her tummy was a puzzle so Stef concluded she may be a Primigravida, and he has to take his time.

Stef stood and stepped closer to face her, hands taking charge of her curves almost immediately, she let her head fell onto his chest, Stef drew her closer. He tried to stare into her eyes but they were closed already, He kissed her forehead..gently. Prisc felt his hardness pressing more strongly on her, she felt them , they hardened to her grip. Stef pressed on her butt, she gripped on his cock harder as he did, he smacked hard and she let go of the cock.

"Bad girl huh"... Stef murmured softly. Pushing her slowly to the sofa. " Your body is a cock hardener I'd confess...I'm still wondering what it is about you"..... She kept mum...but her breathing was unsteady. The bra came off as she is laid to comfort, unveiling a set of boobs that looked like that of the earth mom, I'd say her boobs are...somewhat matured....from lactations I guess. She laid down on the sofa, full of expectations, Stef took her hands, pressed on them and had it tied together with the bra, he positioned her legs at good angles , taking off her underpants slowly, Stef breath on her foot, kissing her ankles now and then as her breath seized. He kissed her all from her legs to her thighs..straight up to engulf her lips in a deep kiss. Stef's lips came into contact with hers, both opened for a mouth embrace....Stef withdrew....she felt exhausted.

Stef took time to relax her, as he ran kisses through her tummy and curves, licking them slowly, the warmth of his tongue mapped all over her, sending chills and heat to her nipples and inside in respect. She wanted that warm tongue to brush on her nipples, she wanted them on her clit, she wanted them everywhere, she craved for a feeling but can only have what is being given. She let her eyes close as Stef withdrew his tongue, she was hungry for satisfaction, she felt starved and yet it was a good feeling, the craving intensified her desire and the thought of being filled in ....somehow she felt good or not but she felt good. Her eyes closed even tighter as Stef slowly rubs his oily thumb around her clit, she felt her heart sinking in pleasure, all wired and fired...even fried. There was emptiness in his fingering, and she couldn't help the whining within her waist joint, a feeling of spark and lust. Priscilla held on to Stef's hand and drew him real close, he fell on her slowly as she grabbed on his cock with her left hand and lead it the right way, slowly buried it inside of her. She was even amazed, she took it all may true! She's actually going to have her first baby.

The thought of baby rescened to an image of a flock of red ostriches over a lily field. She wanted to stay there and let her thighs apart, and let him stroke her till she passes out. Stef stroke with strength and emotion, she was so wet...he thought. Priscilla let her eyes drop now and then as he comes , sometimes he comes hard and fast, sometimes slow and hard, sometimes its just euphoric. She felt good and didn't want him to stop...even as ......

Electrification 4

erotic story by Vic

I have not taken time to notice her lightness until now, as she is hanged right in my arms, a few steps to the bathroom, I stared into her eyes and she smiled as she read the words in my stare. I let her drop off my arms as she made to stand, leaning her back on me...her soft butt pressing on my "still hardness". She dropped lustfully into my arms  and I wound my hands around her, my palms cupped her boobs and our body pressed onto each other, calling for deeper intimacy. 

She made to disengage from me but I let my hands drop on her waist...Those tiny waist and my hands fitted well around it, I drew her closer so she can feel my hardness on her butt again, and my breath on her neck side, I  could smell the rawness of her skin, shinning sexually in the dimly lit room. My breath passed on smoothly through her sensual parts, she moaned slowly as I kissed the side of her neck,,,whispering lustfully  into her ear at the same time....

"Baebie, I burn inside"
"I do too, please, i want you inside of me...and I want the lights off" 
She said,turning around to face me. Our foreheads came together, and our eyes the darkness.

"Hmm, I've never tried the no light sex" I drew her closer again. This time our lips met involuntarily and we took a brisk kiss.

 "I promise you'll love it...the no light sex, its a sweet one" Anita said, slowly pulling her lips off.

 I wound my hands around her waist again as she turned to face the bathroom door, I let her lead to the bathroom with my hands on her curves. 

She took those Queenly steps to the bathroom, her butt twerking in slow motion.  I spanked her cock rising in pace and then I couldn't help pushing her against the wall by the bathroom door,as I engage her in a ravishing deep kiss, my hands running all over her body in a rush of emotions, she leaned her back on the wall as my weight pushed her against it, now she got her hands on my waist side, trying to pull my waist to press on her crotch. She stared into my eyes lustfully as she held my hardness,I kissed her now as I felt the rush of pleasure to devour her, she brushed my cock head on the surface of her pussy. I made a slow throb as  she guide my hardness slowly inside of her,I pushed her harder against the wall, and my waist throbbed slowly forward , burying half of my hardness inside her.

Have You Read Prologue For Breakfast In Bed ?

I could feel the juices in her cumin out as i stroke her gently, she held on my shoulders and then wound her hands around my neck , moaning as I stroke her against the wall, she kept pulling me closer and then she took all my cock inside of her, her moaning became louder now and my stroking faster, her little tits looked so much like an art work on her light body build, she pulled me closer by the neck, bringing my face closer as my lips made for her hard nipples. She breathed in slowly, throwing her head aback as she puff her bust to the front...onto my chest. My lips covered her hard nipples and my tongue tip rubbed smoothly on her nipple, I nibbled her nipples as she whined in pleasure. I went on to her neck, kissing her slowly. 

She wound her hands tighter around me, and even pulled my waist deeper into her, I kept on stroking her, as my cock ravish her wetness, now she quickly disengaged and wound her legs around my waist, I gave her support as she climbed on me, I let her rest a little against the wall, carrying her  in my arms and stroking her , her pussy gushed juices more and more. She moaned louder now and then I carried her to the bed.

"Please, please turn off the lights" came Anita's voice, intoxicated with lust and seducing...just her voice!

I switched off the light as the room came to total darkness.I came to bed, she laid with her thighs apart, I came in between her thighs, she made it more open , as she welcomed me. My cock straight up slide inside of her ready pussy.  I stroked her deep and hard , real hard, I felt her juices drying up  we got real intimate. Her moaning was heart melting. 

"We need ice" I said.....and she nodded in affirmation. I got up and went to the fridge.


ice on her body erotic

I came back with ice on the steel bowl.  I picked one cube and  played it slowly from her thighs. She giggled as the ice moves slowly  through her thighs to her crotch side. 

"I want inside, I'm really fired" she said taking my hand and leading the ice towards her pussy. I let it move slowly as she giggles. The ice came to her clit, I let it stay there as I slide my middle finger inside of her warm pussy...she giggled again and tucked her hips up in the air in pleasure.  I rubbed the ice on her clit softly as I finger her, and then I rubbed it all over her wet pussy and lead it up to her navel and through her tummy up, I drove pleasures through her veins, I felt her ignition rise, and rise with each pleasure I inflict. 
The cube almost melting out now so I let it stay on her pussy as I brought another cube, I rubbed it on her right nipple, as I rubbed my finger on the left nipple. 

"Please,just fuck me" she said turning around to give me the doggy position.  Her curves were so visible now as she crouches on all four. I grabbed her curves and drew them close to me.

"baby just fuck me , please" She said again, pushing her ass to me. I grabbed her ass with both hands as I penetrate her, stroking her from behind. 

I moved my hands allover her, and down below to her breasts, I held them tightly as I fuck her, my fingers tickling her nipples. And then she made to lay on her tummy now and I fell with her, still fucking her like that, I  sucked on her  neck as I fuck her deep.......


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